Bull and Shrimp Roast

Thomas Johnson Elementary/Middle school invite you to their Annual Bull and Shrimp Roast on June 5th.  This is an annual event that is sponsored by the school’s PTO.  All are welcome!  The proceeds from this event helps to bring extracurricular activities, purchasing items for the school, and  providing classroom grants for teachers.  Ticket sales will continue through May 29th. You can purchasse tickets by contacting Erin at emm112977@aol.com  Please help support the schools and kids in our community!

Bull Roast community 2015

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Save the Date: SBNA Spring Clean Up

SBNA is registered for the Mayors Spring Cleanup. We will have a dumpster available in our neighborhood to help you clean up any neighborhood trash. We are currently looking for volunteers to help with this event. Please contact us and let us know if you can help.2015 Spring Cleanup

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Crossbar MOU

After last nights membership meeting, SBNA is re-posting the MOU for Crossbar per request. If anybody has any liquor questions please email liquoradvisory@mysobo.org

We are also in need of new members on the Liquor Advisory Committee (LAC), as we recently lost 4 members to neighborhood defection. We meet on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7pm.  Please email:  liquoradvisory@mysobo.org if you would like to participate.


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Light up South Baltimore

Please help us LIGHT UP SOUTH BALTIMORE! Improved street lighting is widely thought to be an effective means of preventing crime, second in importance only to increased police presence. Even if you don’t want to go forward with any of devices listed, it would be very beneficial if you would at a minimum put a regular bulb in your fixtures and TURN YOUR LIGHT ON. Please encourage your neighbors to do so also. It appears that only about 25% of stoop light fixtures actually have working bulbs in them. Please join efforts and help us launch the LIGHT UP SOUTH BALTIMORE CAMPAIGN!!!!

Light Up South Baltimore

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February SBNA General Membership Meeting

Our next SBNA meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 10th, 2015 at Grace United Church of Christ at 1404 S. Charles St. at 7pm.  All are welcome.  To vote and become an official member, we are asking for a $10 yearly membership fee.

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Area 30 Parking Reminder

Area 30 Parking Reminder: On Sunday, February 1st, Area 30 parking requires the new BLUE decals and new visitors pass! A HUGE and special THANK YOU to Cynthia Lewis Griffin for coordinating our neighborhood pickups for this year and all the previous years. Thank you Cynthia!

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Complete Streets Study

Thank you to everyone who attended our Complete Streets Meeting and Jan SBNA General Meeting on January 13, 2015. We appreciate everyone’s input and participation with providing Baltimore City DOT a list of ways to complete our streets in South Baltimore! For more information on the study please visit the link below. For those of you who would like to contribute additional ideas or comments, please email vicepresident@mysobo.org with the subject: Complete Streets Study and include your name, contact information, and comments.

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Complete Streets Study and Jan SBNA General Membership Meeting

Tuesday night, January 13 2015, Baltimore City Dept. of Transportation will be presenting on The Complete Streets Study. ALL RESIDENT PARTICIPATION IS CRITICAL and WE NEED YOUR INPUT. Complete Streets is the design process that will guide how the City will use casino funds on transportation infrastructure projects within SBNA which includes, traffic, transit vehicles, motor vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, etc.. This is our chance to help give community feedback and share our thoughts with the city. Come prepared with your ideas, concerns, improvements, and suggestions.

Please visit the link below to learn more about complete streets:http://bit.ly/SBNA_CompleteSt

Meeting Info:  Grace United Church (1404 S. Charles St.) at 7pm

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Advertising for SBNA Newsletter

SBNA is looking for local businesses who would like to advertise in our upcoming newsletter.  We are working hard at getting the SBNA Newsletters back out to the community and delivered to your door but we need help!

The SBNA Newsletter is a quarterly publication of the South Baltimore Neighborhood Association (“SBNA”). SBNA is a 501c3 community organization whose purpose is to further improve the quality of life for residents who live within its boundaries. It is recognized by the City of Baltimore as the association that represents the area bounded by Cross Street, Light Street, McComas Street and Race Street. The SBNA Newsletter is distributed to approximately 2,000 residents and businesses throughout the community SBNA represents.

Advertising Rates for the SBNA Newsletter


Size                                                                  Fee

Business Card (3.625in x 2.25in)                   $25

6 Page (3.625in x 3.1875in)                            $50

Quarter Page (3.625in x 4.875in)                  $75

1/3 Page (7.5in x 3.1875in)                              $100

Half Page (7.5in x 4.875in)                             $150

Full Page (7.5in x 10in)                                   $250

Any fees received by SBNA are used to cover publication and distribution costs and are otherwise circulated back into the community through other SBNA efforts. If you would like to purchase advertising space in an upcoming publication, please contact sales@mysobo.org. SBNA would be happy to assist with design or sizing of your SBNA Newsletter advertisement if necessary.

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Project Updates for SBNA

Thank you to all who attended the South Baltimore Neighborhood Association meeting last night.  Below is an update on some of the projects that are happening around our neighborhood.

Gas Line and Water Main Construction Update:  There have been a number of questions posted regarding the ongoing utility work in South Baltimore. To help address these questions Councilman Costello arranged to have representatives from the Department of Public Works (DPW), Department of Transportation (DOT), BGE, and Spiniello attend last night’s general membership meeting. During the meeting, each entity agreed to provide the following: 1) a list of streets, block by block, with existing or planned work; 2) the scope of work on each block (i.e., water main repair, gas line replacement, etc.); 3) estimated timeframes for initiation and completion of work; and 4) any existing contingencies based on weather or on other work (this is to ensure that when work is done and streets are paved, that additional work is not done, necessitating additional paving — thus wasting City resources). Once this information is provided, Councilman Costello will aggregate the details, confirm its accuracy, and share the comprehensive list with SBNA leadership and on social media. Councilman Costello and the representatives plan to have this process completed by no later than Friday, Nov 21. Additional updates will be provide as portions of the projects are completed.

Hanover Street Median Update:  Baltimore City DOT has committed to install a median on the 1700 and 1800 blocks of S. Hanover Street to address severe traffic calming concerns. DOT is prepared to proceed with this effort but BGE is also upgrading the gas lines on those blocks so the median work will be integrated in the comprehensive list of gas line and water main work.

No Parking Construction Closures:  Councilman Costello will be working with City agencies to ensure the length of time block faces are posted as “No Parking” is kept minimal. If still see street closures posted for extended periods of time please send photo of the sign to Councilman Costello  or SBNA so we verify the during of the closure. As always, if you park in an area with no parking posted you may be towed by the city.

Please note:  This work is very disruptive but it is also necessary. If work is being done on your block please make an effort accommodate the work since this will allow them to finish the work faster.

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