The proposed MOU covers the following changes to the existing Liv2Eat liquor license.

1.       Re-authorizes the use of the rear outdoor patio space

a.       This was a preexisting use and was not properly documented in the original transfer so it is being corrected at this time.

2.       Removes 1 of 3 names currently listed on the license.

a.       At the time of purchase the two owner /operators were not Baltimore City residents as required by law. They are now Baltimore City residents so the third name is being removed.

3.       Addition of live entertainment.

a.       The licensee has requested authorization for live entrainment inside and on the outside patio on Thursday 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM, Friday 5 PM – 11 PM, Saturday 5 PM – 11 PM


Please see the MOU below for additional details.


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SBNA Transformative Art 2014

SBNA is in the middle of applying for the PNC Transformative Art Prize 2014, which is a grant that helps create destination art and welcomes people to our community. Since a median will be constructed at Wells and Hanover, we believe that this would be a great opportunity for us to welcome guests coming down Hanover and let them know they are entering our community. Please take a moment to provide your feedback at the following link…
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SBNA Live Entertainment Protocols – South of Ostend Street

Please Read:

SBNA Live Entertainmet protocols South of Ostend

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Social Pub and Pie MOU

Social Pub and Pie MOU:



RE: Social Pie and Pub, BLLC License Transfer

Date: Thursday, April 10, 2014 (pending approved MOU)

Action: MOU Complete (pending general membership approval)

Summary: The SBNA Liquor Advisory Committee has completed negations for a MOU with Social Pie and Pub’s new ownership. The MOU will be presented for approval during the April general member meeting.

(A vote may come up @ 3/11 General Membership Meeting. This is a liquor license transfer and the addition of outdoor seating.)


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CrossBar MOU Draft – update

 Please find the MOU below on which we will be voting at the February general membership meeting.  It is identical to the proposal from the January general membership meeting, but with the addition of the following clause, based member feedback:
Security staff shall be provided Thursday through Saturday evenings and during all major events.  Staff shall monitor capacity with the assistance of a “clicker” to count patrons’ ingress and egress from the business.  Staff shall be required to present the “clicker” to a properly identified Baltimore City Police Officer upon request.
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Casino Update:

The Mayor’s year one spending plan for local impact funds is available for your review.  As a refresher, impact funds are allocated to the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, but the City is required to develop a multi-year spending plan for the expenditure of these funds in consultation with the Baltimore Local Development Council (LDC).  The City has presented a spending plan to the LDC for year one funds (FY15), and the LDC has until the end of December to review, comment and make recommendations on the plan.

Please take time to review the following documents: (1) Mayor’s Year 1 Spending Plan; (2) Overview; (3)  Casino Area Infrastructure Improvements – Detailed Description; and (4) Year 1 Spending Plan Narrative and Recommendations.

After you have reviewed these documents, I hope you will take the time to share your comments and recommendations on the spending plan.  You may post your comments on the SBNA facebook page, or you can e-mail me your comments directly at  Please have your comments and recommendations submitted no later than Tuesday, December 10th.  If you have any questions regarding this matter please visit or send me an e-mail.

Justin Wilde

year-1-spending-plan-draft7-11-14-13bftn_final dot-detailed-_casino-infrastructure-improvements-111413 Baltimore Casino Local Impact Aid Spending Plan impact-funds-narrative_111813_bf_2-pm_final

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November General Membership Meeting

Join us TONIGHT at 7 PM the South Baltimore Learning Center (corner of Ostend and Patapsco) for our November General Membership Meeting! Please see agenda below…

nov mtg agenda

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Update from the Department of Transportation

The Department of Transportation is proposing to repair a portion of Hanover Street. Please be advised that our Maintenance Division has looked at the asphalt section that goes across the road and recommend the following:

We will have a full closure of South Hanover Street on Sunday, November 3, 2013 from approximately 6:00am until 1:00 pm to mill out the entire section. Then we will install the new asphalt on Monday November 4, 2013, using a Maintenance of Traffic to close off one side (both lanes) to pave and allowing traffic to travel on the other side, then switch over to do the other two lanes on the other side with the same set up. Please share this information with the community and forward any questions or concerns regarding this plan to Nikia at by close on Wednesday October 30th in order for us to make adjustments if necessary.

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Message from our outgoing President – Amy Mutch

Good Morning Neighbor,

As outgoing president of SBNA, I would like to introduce Morgan Alcalay your newly elected president. Morgan stepped up at the last general membership meeting to offer his service to South Baltimore. Service is something Morgan understands better than most as he is an officer in the US Navy. Having recently served in Afghanistan, Morgan is home and helping us build a stronger, safer, cleaner, greener neighborhood. I cannot thank Morgan enough for the leadership he will provide our community. Supporting Morgan in his efforts are the newly elected officers: Adia Hoag (VP), Dennis Plouff (secretary), John Bremmerman (treasurer), and a committed board of neighbors.

The last two years have been busy ones for SBNA. Development projects, business and residential, have been presented before our membership with some requiring a special task force to mediate concerns of residents. The Purple Line was extended to Fort Avenue as SBNA and residents lobbied for extended service. SBNA testified in Annapolis and participated in liquor board and zoning board hearings to address the casino project and the coexistence of liquor licenses in the neighborhood. SBNA was integral in forming the coalition of neighborhood associations that continues to evolve for community enhancement around the Cross Street area. The Facebook page was started that now enjoys over 600 members. SBNA secured a seat on the local development council to have a voice regarding the building and impact funds created from the casino project. We successfully lobbied for a seat on the parking advisory board to have a voice at RPP. SBNA moved our meeting location to The South Baltimore Learning Center. And best for last, The South entrance on Hanover Street will be made safer and more attractive as a median and welcoming sign will be installed next spring. I would claim the Super Bowl victory but some would say I’ve overstepped my bounds.

Thanks to all who worked hard to represent the community concerns even when passions flared from differing opinions. It is apathy that causes more harm to a neighborhood. In a recent email, Councilman Cole mentioned SBNA does a good job keeping things on the front burner. He has been engaged in our concerns and understands we are a force. So thank you Bill for always hearing us out.

I hope I have inspired a few to step up and volunteer because it does make a difference.

Fondly your neighbor,

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